Videos are appearing more and more online than ever before, at a rate no one had ever imagined, and they are having such a huge impact on the way individual business websites and companies use them to reach customers and potential viewers online. One particular company is cashing in on this phenomenon, and at the same time is helping people posting their videos online to get their videos ranked higher on Youtube’s search engine. The company’s name is Anthea Technologies Inc. and their website can be found at

As a provider of top-notch quality Youtube Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, Anthea Technologies Inc. has a simple goal, to get their customers’ videos ranked high on Youtube’s search result rankings. Anthea strives to get their clients’ videos to reach within the top three rankings from Youtube’s search engine results by using the best target keywords. With higher rankings on search engines like Youtube, customers can expect to receive more visitor traffic to their websites, which means more leads and more sales!

An interesting fact, Youtube videos have been showing up with greater frequency on Google’s search results. A definite trend is beginning and few companies, such as Anthea Technologies Inc., have recognized it and are positioned to cash in on the wave companies that will want to get their videos ranked as high as possible on search engines like Youtube. By the start of the 4th quarter of 2012, it was revealed that 60 hours of video time are being uploaded per minute! This is up from 48 hours reported in the 3rd quarter of 2012. A staggering 4 billion daily video views are being watched every month, and this figure is expected to rise exponentially.

As the world’s second largest search engine next to Google, Youtube is a phenomenon that is proving that people of the world would rather watch a video than read an article. As this becomes plainly obvious, the SEO services that Anthea Technologies Inc. provides, to rank Youtube videos higher on search results, will also continue to grow. If you produce videos for your own business or for your company, then you need to visit today!

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Get online payday loan

by Dwayne on April 21, 2013

Get online payday loanThese cash instant loans are made with the intention that they will be repaid by your next paycheck. That is why they are instantly approved. Your next payday will be your pay date for repayment of cash instant loans. The reasons some people get cash instant loans vary. Some people need cash now and can’t wait until there next paycheck. Those reasons are personal and the good things about instant payday loans besides getting cash instantly deposited in your checking account is that you don’t really need to explain your reasons for needing cash instantly or why you can’t wait for your next paycheck. If you are in need of quick cash and have a job, there is no better place to go for an instant loan than to an online instant payday loan website. Learn more about online payday loans.

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What cause backlinking demise

by Dwayne on April 17, 2013

backlinkingLike the humans who use it on a daily basis, technology tends to grow, mature, and evolve as it gets older and more experienced. That is certainly the case with Google’s search engine ranking system, which has been getting consistently smarter over the past several years. Once dogged by spam links and malicious websites that used fraud to climb to the top of search results, Google is now a resilient and innovative force in the search world as it punishes spam websites and brings a “human touch” to search engine rankings. One of the many casualties of this approach is the backlink, often used to improve a website’s rankings by giving off a perception of authority and reputable content — even if neither thing existed.

What Backlinks Used to Be: The Pre-Panda Days of Google Page Rankings

In the early days of search engine optimization, backlinks were actually viewed as a good thing, and positive development for websites. In fact, they were so important that popular content management platforms developed the “trackback” and “pingback” communication protocols. These popular features would actually help a blog automatically link back to their source of content or inspiration simply by pasting some of that content into their new entry. This backlink benefitted the blog where the original content was hosted, and it was perceived by Google as a way of saying “this website has good content, and I’m showcasing it, too.”

Unfortunately, as with all good and common-sense things online, it was soon abused by malicious and spam-pushing users. Websites popped up all over the internet offering both free and paid backlinking to any website that submitted their URL to the service. These popular backlinking services then pushed virtually any website to the front of the line, causing them to be displayed on the first page of search results for their relevant keywords. For the website, this was a definite victory. It meant more traffic and exposure, and more clicks on the many advertisements that characterized a spam website in Google search results. Click here for more backlinking info.

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The benefits of Video SEO

by Dwayne on April 13, 2013

The benefits of Video SEOAre you in business? Selling a product, offering a service? Well then the benefits of Video SEO are self-explanatory-They help you make money. How do they help?

When you use the internet and search for any item on the world wide web, first page results are key in the business of making money. With so much information available at your fingertips in this fast paced society, people haven’t the time to wait to search for your product.It simply would be easier to go with a competitor who is readily available.

So, don’t let your competition win! Get with the leaders in Video Learn more about video SEO.

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Where can I find wealthy men online?

by Dwayne on April 11, 2013

Where can I find wealthy men online?You should join Sugar Daddy Finder because you will be able to find the man of your dreams because he will give you the lifestyle that you deserve. When you find the guy of your dreams, you will be able live a lifestyle that allows you not to have to worry about whether or not the bills have been paid for. He will be able to bring you happiness in ways that you cannot even imagine. It is free for the woman to join the site; she needs to start a profile when she joins the site.

In addition, the website is sugar because it has connected sugar daddies with sugar babies from the around the world. There are more rich and powerful men on the site than any other website with wealthy men looking to spoil their sugar baby. When you date a wealthy man from this site, you will be around a classy man who treats you like a princess. You need to stop wasting your time with losers; you need to a date a sugar dady today. If you want to be sucessfull with your dating adventures, you need to come to the respective site.

These are just some of the reasons that people like to join the sugar daddy finder. As the sugar baby, you will be able to join the site for free. The sugar daddy is expected to pay for the site. There aren’t too many people who belong to the rich and beatiful club, but your welcome to join the club when you go to sugar daddy finder. What’s your reason for wanting to go to sugar daddy finer? We wish you the best of luck when it comes to finding your dream guy/girl on the site. There are millions of people to choose among! Click here for more about dating wealthy men.

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millionaire_datingA good place to go is to sugar daddy website as you get your pick of the finest guys out there, and complete control over your web chats. Yet, don’t be satisfied with only an average dating web-site. Rather, consider a rich men dating site only devoted to wealthy dating and sugar daddy dating, a web site like our own the renowned web site just like our internet dating website, you can be certain that the girls are all hot as well as the men are rich and successful. (By the way and they’re as well hot!) So to summarize stop accepting “reality” as you know it and hold out for some thing better-like dating rich gentlemen! A lot of women only imagine this or even stay solo. Want some thing than this “provincial life” and land yourself a serious guy!

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Facebook will offer and new and exciting way to show off your beautiful pictures through a new app called “Instagram.” Along with this new app to showcase your best photo experiences yet, also features the original team of Instagram, to the social network “Facebook.” What better way to ensure the best support and integrated future of Instagram!

Facebook staff will not change what Instagram currently offers, but expand and improve to make Instagram even better. Not only will you be able to upload your unique and personal photos to Facebook, but Instagram gives you the freedom to upload the photos within other social networks.

Facebook already incorporates photos into their social networking family. Photos between family, friends and new acquaintances. Intentions of Facebook are to continue through this new app to have followers and to follow people that may not currently be your friends.

Instagram has already so many users, many more then Facebook has ever seen. Now with the two companies, as one united under the Facebook team, this will enhance one of the most interesting features under Facebook-the pictures. Pictures bring everything to life.

Facebook cannot help but improve on whatever flaws Instagram may bring to its’ new home. New faces, old mistakes and a strong team to grow to new levels of capabilities.

What about Facebook and the dislikes of the current Facebook family? There is always room for improvement in any business. But one thing is for sure “curiosity killed the cat.” Many will want to try out this new app in hopes that improvement with lead to another new, fun and interesting feature to make personal social networking pages better. Youtube Video about the Facebook Instagram deal. Many people currently a member of Facebook will only continue to stay committed to their involvement and contributions to the currently “number one” social network online.

When joining together both teams of Facebook and Instagram, possibilities scream success for both Facebook and for those that are a participant of Facebook.

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Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

by Dwayne on March 30, 2013

Online Jobs for Stay at Home MomsIf you are a mom looking for a stay at home career then you need to check out You can go on there and search through the jobs. The sky is the limit with this company. A great thing about this company is that they let you set the pay, you actually have a choice. There are different types of jobs that might spark an interest for you. You can finally be your own boss, set your own hours and stay at home with your kids. This will help you stay at home and get things done around the house at the same time you are at work. It is a great opportunity for every mom out there, do not let this opportunity pass you up. You can make just as much money as you were making when you were working your old job where you actually had a boss you had to answer to. Click here for more info about online jobs.

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Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram earlier this week for $1 billion is something that is both shocking and prospectively frightening. The fact that the photo-sharing application which garnered popularity in Facebook by simply making it easier to share photographs makes a loud comment by the direction which CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees the social networking platform heading.

The value of this acquisition of Instagram is nothing to sneer at either, as it is the largest monetary investment the social network giant has made thus far in its company history. Even Zuckerberg mentioned that this is an incredible occasion, being that this is the first time Facebook has acquired a piece of software with such a large user base.

This deal means that, with the earlier announcement that Facebook is heading towards making its platform more friendly for mobile users, that the social networking giant plans to further increase its mobile share of the market. Instagram specifically deals with sharing photographs

Zuckerberg himself said that Instagram is meant to hire the already working staff and allow them to further work on the already implemented features. If all goes as planned, this could very well be the first of several mobile application acquisitions performed by Facebook in the future as they try to rapidly expand their already sizable mobile browser audience.

Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom has labeled the acquisition as a windfall for both himself and his company. Systrom will taken $400 million home as a result of this buyout.

But this isn’t Facebook wasting money, it’s Facebook stressing how much money is actually to be made with mobile devices. In 2010, Facebook acquired Hot Potato and in the latter part of 2011 they acquired Gowata. The amounts that were paid for each application were considerably less than what was paid for Instagram. Both applications, however, had markedly huge user bases, especially with Gowata coming in somewhere at around 10 million users at the time.

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Sugardaddy and A Sweet Man

by Dwayne on March 19, 2013

millionaire_dating_onlineLet’s Face It, Good Sugardaddies Are Tough To Find

The world is filled with images of perfection, beauty and idealized love. This makes it hard for a woman to find a relationship where she can truly be spoiled. There are plenty of searching, generous men out there who just know how to be a sugar daddy, willing to give their all to a lady that fulfills their needs the way they expect and fantasize about.

It’s just a matter of locating these gentlemen, picking the best and starting a conversation. At you have the perfect opportunity to get something really “good” going.

You Can Put Your Best On the Web provides you with the most pristine forum to present yourself in the best possible light. This dating site is a great place to “doll yourself” up and post your best “you” for the hottest, richest and most willing men available to check out. Thousands of women use this site to compete for the favor of the most eligible partners. They also enjoy the competition from other women who are in it for the same thing. It’s a real chance to look your best, honestly describe what you are looking for, and bathe in the attention that comes your way. is no general meat market. Click here to check it out. The gentlemen who consult this site for the perfect lady to spoil and entertain do their best to look professional and attractive. Remember, they need the same things you do and are willing to “shape up” in order to get the chance. is a Great Personal Resource

This site offers hundreds of articles giving great advice for how to start a relationship with your sugardaddy. You can have access to men all over the world, peruse detailed descriptions, browse incredibly hot profile pictures and initiate conversations all in one site. The best thing about this site is it allows you to remain in control of how quickly your new affair progresses.

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