Diving Maldives

by Dwayne on December 18, 2011

Diving MaldivesYou are almost likely to see several diving maldives whales sharks here, which also thrive on this planton. Diving Hanifaru Bay is just one of the many places where you can enjoy shark diving in Maldives. Maldives shark diving is possible throughout the archipelago, where you will see many different species of sharks, although whale sharks are perhaps the biggest attraction to divers in the diving Maledives, because of their enormous size and docile nature. If you’re keen on shark diving Maldives, you’ll be interested to know that you can also expect to see a variety of reef sharks and zebra sharks while in the Maldives. The other great thing about diving holidays in the Maldives is that they can be enjoyed year-round. There are several Maldives diving season. The best time to enjoy Maldives scuba diving holidays is between December and March, when the weather is at its driest and the visibility at its best. Diving holidays February is probably the best month of all to enjoy Maldives diving trips, but since most of us don’t have the luxury to enjoy holidays in the month of February, Christmas diving holidays are a great idea and you might even see Santa Claus diving!

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