Sharks Maldives

by Dwayne on March 15, 2011

When it comes to whale sharks, everybody wants to know exactly when is the “best time to see whale sharks Maldives?” The answer is simple: the whale sharks Maldives season lasts all year round, although the area you visit in the Maldives will vary according to the time of year. A whale sharks diet consists mainly of plankton so the whale sharks habitat changes throughout the year depending on where the plankton is most abundant. For this reason, in the months of July and August, when plankton levels are high around whale sharks Baa Atoll, a great place to look for whale sharks Hanifaru is Hanifaru Bay.
Additionally, there is the Maldives whale sharks Baa Atoll, which is a great place to look for manta rays at this time of year as they are also drawn to the plankton.

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