Weather in Maldives

by Dwayne on January 24, 2011

One of the most popular maldives diving holidays activities in the Maldives is scuba diving and naturally, they want to know when the best time for Maldives weather diving is. Maldives
dive weather is undoubtedly at its best during the Northeast Monsoon season (from November to January), when there is a lot of sun, little wind and no rain, all of which factors lend themselves to excellent underwater visibility. Maldives weather cause differences in the marine life you are likely to see while scuba diving, and the part of the Maldives where you will find various species. For example, if you’re hoping to see some whale sharks during your trip to the Maldives, judging the monsoon weather Maldives will be an important part of your trip planning. Maldives weather in November, at the beginning of the Northeast Monsoon season, makes scuba diving best on the eastern side of the Maldives, where the currents from the northeast attract large numbers of whale sharks, grey reef sharks and some large pelagic species. This will remain the case until the Maldives weather in January begins to change to make way for the Southwest Monsoon season.

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